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Room management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Room management - Essay Example dustries mainly deals with perishable products, such as hotel rooms, meeting room in a hotel and banquet hall, and thereby, utilize the term revenue management to combine fixed capacity and inventory of the hotel. Revenue management strategy helps to discriminate between the customer who seeks for low cost and minimal service, with some other those are radically paying more attention on high quality service and convenience level. Kimberley et al. (2010) describes revenue management as a means to innovation. It helps hotel managers to create new product and service and also the associated pricing strategy. According to Talluri and Ryzin (2004), revenue management strategy accounts for 53-75 % of its total revenue, although in reality there are some hotels that have experienced much higher impact. In a hotel, the revenue management strategy helps to control and manage the overall revenue efficiently. It is very important especially for the big hotel chains, to reach their customer’s expectations and manage technological tools such as computer program and reservation system in an appropriate manner. Thus, hotel sector needs to make sure that rates charged by them are suitable for the market, seasonality and competitor set. Revenue management strategy is extremely advantageous to company as it allows an organization to provide personalized service to its customer irrespective of the capacity of the customers. Investment in this strategy helps to categorize the significant market segments and creates valuable market opportunities (Irene, 2005). Revenue management is not about setting and updating the price strategy, but updating the availability of price strategy during the booking period. Revenue management helps the hotel to customize their pricing strategies according to the individual needs of the customers. This helps the hotels to extract consumer surplus and transforms it into organizational surplus, which results in increasing the overall profit of the

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Exploring the opportunities and challenges of developing Islamic Literature review

Exploring the opportunities and challenges of developing Islamic Financial Services in Seychelles - Literature review Example In the religion of Islam, it is strongly believed that Allah alone is Sovereign and it is He who has the right to ordain a guidance path for the whole humanity. In the Holy Quran, the word â€Å"Shariah† is mentioned once: â€Å" Then, We have set you[Muhammad] on a path (Shari’a) of [Our] commandment, so follow it, and do not follow the whims of those who do not know† (Holy Quran 45:18). This verse of Holy Quran clearly stipulates that Allah has ordered to the Last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that He himself has provided some of the basic Sharia rules and regulations in the shape of the Holy Quran and You [Muhammad (PBUH)] has been ordered to follow them. In the last part of this verse, it is also ordered that whims or wishes of others are totally disallowed to be followed instead of the orders of Allah. In the Shariah, it is clearly mentioned and established fact that Allah is the Law Giver and the whole Ummah is merely His Trustee (Kettell, 2011, p.13). More clear ly, every Muslim is under a moral obligation to read, understand and act upon the Islamic rules and regulations mainly enshrined in the Holy Quran. ... s scholar, can develop an independent judgement; not even all the Muslims of the world collectively have any authority to introduce even the slightest change to it. The scope of Shariah is not limited to a single aspect of Muslim life. The Shariah is the guide for human actions which includes every dimension of human life. As a result, it attaches, sanctifies and gives religious importance and religious aspect to activities that may look mundane. Also, it encompasses constitutional and regulatory rules and regulations. Muslims individually and collectively are ordered to conduct their daily economic, social, personal, political, religious and other activities in accordance with the Shariah rules and regulations provided in the Holy Quran, the Sunnah and other sources of Shariah. The sources of shariah Kelly (2008) mentions the following sources of Shariah in the religion of Islam (p.109): The Quran; The Sunnah; The Ijtihad; The Ijma; The Qiyas. The Quran Naqvi (2012, p.23) states tha t Muslims believe that the Holy Quran is the final word from Allah. The Holy Quran is the main source of Shariah. In this main source, Allah has provided numerous orders, rules and regulations relating to different aspect of human life. In order to religiously conduct daily human activities, the Holy Quran provides guidance relating to the essential human activities. Broadly speaking, the Holy Quran provides guidance on two aspects of human life: relationship between humans and the relationship between humans and Allah. Between these two aspects, the majority of the guidance has focused on the relationship between humans. As humans are required to interact for various reasons including political, social, economic, and personal and so on, Allah has included maximum guidance on these issues

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Essay --

Final Examination (2) Discuss the three approaches to property valuation. What is the process of each? When might it be better to use one approach over the other? The three approaches to property valuation are: comparable sales approach (market data approach); income approach; and cost summation approach. Comparable sales approach is determined by using recent sales of similar properties to the one being assessed. This estimates true property value by comparing the property that is in question to others that have been recently sold and then making the adjustments as needed. The idea is that you need to find market areas that have relative or same economic status. Once this process is done then you can group the â€Å"parcels† in different categories, i.e. size, year it was built, the size of the lot, etc. The book says that the property that is not sold is compared to similar property that a market value can be observed and then infers a value. (LJJ, 155) It is common in jurisdictions to assess parcels as a percentage or fraction of the full market value. In theory it does not make a difference if the full value or fractioned value is assessed, the outcome should be the same. When using fractional assessment you need to use a higher tax rate than using market value assessment. This seems to make taxpayers more comfortable but can lead to problems if different fractions are used in the same jurisdiction. Another problem is that this approach requires a large number of sales and can be time consuming if done annually or for the first time. This approach is great for residential properties. The income approach converts the future returns from ownership of a â€Å"parcel† into their present value equivalent. This approach can be done by c... ...edit of the issuing government. This non-guaranteed bond is backed by a certain business-like government activity and not a larger government entity that has taxing powers. Some revenue bonds can have lower interest rates than obligation bonds. If for example a water district with a excellent history of borrowing may have a lower interest rate than a general obligation bond with a declining property tax and low personal income. (LJJ, 492) Unlike obligation bonds these types of bonds generally do not need or require a popular vote and are repaid by the users f the service. This means that no tax dollars are directly used which is considered a good thing. The more costly of the two bonds are revenue bonds because they generally have higher interest rates. If there was a default on the general obligation bonds then taxes would have to be raised which is less popular.

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Theo 104 Biblical Worldview Essay

Worldview Biblical Essay Theology 104 Ericka Morales Introduction: The term â€Å"image of God† occurs three times in the Bible. In Genesis 1:26-27 and 9:6, we find out that man is created in the image of God. In 2 Cor. 4:4 we see the phrase used in reference to Jesus who is the â€Å"image of God. † There is no exact understanding of what the phrase means, but we can generalize. It would seem that the first two verses refer to God's character and attributes that are reflected in people.The term cannot be a reference to a physical appearance of God since Jesus says in John 4:24 that God is Spirit, and in Luke 24:39 Spirit does not have flesh and bones. Therefore, we can conclude that the image of God deals with humanity's reflection of God in such things as compassion, rationality, love, hatred, fellowship, etc. God exhibits all of these characteristics, as do people. Example 1: A good starting point is to respect others because God said to.For example, we read in the B ible that husbands and wives are to respect their spouse and the wife must respect her husband Ephesians 5:33. Husbands, in the same way are considerate as you live with your wives, and treat them with respect 1 Peter 3:7. The same principle applies to other relationships. Peter wrote that we should show respect to everyone. You can respect your spouse, child, parent, boss or others because of their position. Acknowledge that others have weaknesses. Everyone is imperfect.Be careful not to let their failures erode your respect for their good qualities. Look for things that you can respect. You can find something to respect in anybody if you look hard enough. Respect others as children of God. I work in a retirement community and everyday I interact with residents, families, doctors and nurse’s and my bosses the administrator and executive director and co-workers. I find that by showing respect to every person I come in contact with not only serves God’s plan for me, but my plan for my self.I have a resident who comes into my office several times a day and she does not remember coming in five minute’s before and even though I have work that needs to be completed I stop what I am doing and take the time to show this resident respect and listen. Sometimes it may even be that she doesn’t need my assistance with anything, she just wants a friendly face and a good listener. I hope when I am older a need a friend someone will be there for me as well. I stopped and listened to show respect to my elder and that what she had to say was meaningful and valuable.Example 2: God wants us to have a heart of compassion for others. Compassion involves feeling, but it involves so much more. If we only feel, then we are sympathetic. If our sympathy motivates us to act, then it becomes compassion. True compassion feels and it acts. Notice that compassion begins with feeling. Without feeling, there is no compassion. Feeling is not enough, but it is a plac e to begin. If we do not weep for those who are hurting, how can we minister to them? We must be about the Savior’s preoccupation with people.I believe that if we serve hurting people, encourage those in despair, help those in need, and hurt with those in pain, we will have not only enriched their lives but have done exactly what God would want us to do. People don’t go where the action is; people go where the love is. I have worked in the geriatric nursing field my entire adult life and the most important impact on the lives that I touch is my ability to be compassionate. I find that when a spouse or children lose their mother or father it is the one of the most traumatic times in their lives.Every person handles grief differently so each time I have consoled a spouse or family member it is different. I’ve held there hands, given them a hug, shared God’s word with them, prayed, and in some cases just been a shoulder to cry on. But if can I can be there f or a person in their time of loss and offer compassion and hope and remind them that God is with them, I think it makes a big difference. I have family members and spouses that years down the road have seen in and thanked me for helping them through one of the roughest days of their life.I may not be able to help everyone but the ones I can help I think God would want me too. I have found that by helping others it has created a reward in my life that is immeasurable. Conclusion: Finally, because everyone is made in the image of God, then everyone should be treated with proper respect and honor because they reflect God. Of course, we know that many people are full of evil and hatred and we must guard ourselves and others against them. Still, we are to treat others with respect. During His time on earth, Jesus was the embodiment of God’s compassion.Scripture frequently tells us that Christ was â€Å"moved with compassion† by the suffering of the people Mark 6:34, 8:2. Si mple acts of compassion make a difference in every area of life. When our children run through the house and fall down, they need a hug or a kiss to make everything all right. When a friend finds themselves in a tough situation, a listening ear makes all the difference in the world. When someone is sick, a call or a card can brighten their day. By showing respect and compassion everyday you can enrich your life and the life of others.

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Centered Therapy And Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Centered Therapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Etiology of Problems Person-Centered Therapists don’t use standardized diagnostic tools to assess client presenting problems – as a way to avoid the kinds of labels that harm client-therapist relationships and as a way to avoid clumping clients together with others of the same condition. A more important initial goal for Person-Centered Therapists is to ensure that the student or client knows and believes that the therapist sees them all as individuals and values them. In this sense, Person-Centered Therapy is more of a mindset or approach than a list of strategies. Carl Rogers outlined six factors necessary for growth in a therapeutic setting, and beginning sessions will focus on†¦show more content†¦Major Interventions A Person-Centered Therapy relationship often begins with a conversation about informed consent, which stresses openness and acceptance and warns that â€Å"being in counseling isn’t easy and it’s never an emotionally neutral experience† (Sommers-Flanagan, p. 167). This can set the tone of empowerment of and respect for the client. Once empathy and unconditional positive regard for the student or client are established, a Person-Centered Therapist maintains a person-centered way of being. Though PCT does not employ a list of concrete strategies or techniques, it does require a set of attitudes. In contemporary practice, Motivational Interviewing has become an accepted technique. It involves a more directed approach than traditional PCT, but maintains a respectful, empathic relationship with unconditional positive regard. Through MI, a Person-Centered Therapist will instruct, advise, and persuade the client or student to identify the core feelings and thoughts surrounding their apparent ambivalence toward a problematic issue. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is an endeavor to support students or clients as they explore their irrational, dysfunctional thoughts and beliefs, and develop more rational beliefs and thoughts as well as skills to cope with their maladaptive thoughts and inner speech. The initial session will include a statement ofShow MoreRelatedPerson-Centered Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Essay2573 Words   |  11 Pages In the 1940s Carl Rogers was well on his way to revolutionizing the state of traditional, directive psychotherapy and pioneering what would soon become the person-centered approach. Although Rogers strayed from the psychological mainstream’s view that therapists drive their clients recovery through such mediums as advice, direction, teaching and interpretation he still believed that the therapist’s role was crucial, and it was their attributes that paved the way to increased awareness and self-directedRead More Person Centered Therapy and Cognitive Behav ioral Therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 1203 Words   |  5 Pagestoday. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is another popular theory that is used. It emphasizes the present and fixing cognitive distortions that clients may have. However, it too received some arguments against it, such as; treating symptoms and not the underlying cause of an illness. The theories that will be discussed are Carl Roger’s theory of Person Centered Therapy, Aaron Beck’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and how they would treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In Person Centered therapyRead MorePsychology Methods1267 Words   |  6 Pagesbetween two therapies used in psychology. The approaches are known as the Client-Centered Approach and the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. They are both used daily, world-wide, and can be seen in different ways. In psychology, the use of therapy, approaches, and techniques are used all the time. The client-centered model is all about the clients themselves and the cognitive behavioral therapy relies on direct counseling tools to control and guide the client. Cognitive behavioral therapy is more short-termRead MoreAnalysis Of The One That Caught My Attention And Interest1589 Words   |  7 Pagespresented, the one that caught my attention and interest was that of John, the 24 year old recent college graduate and mechanical engineer. I began our session by inviting John to tell me a little about his concerns and what has bought him into therapy to see me. Though hesitant at first, I positioned myself a lit tle closer to John, sitting directly across from him, conversation style, leaning forward somewhat showing him he had my undivided attention while using direct eye contact, John soon cameRead MoreTheories And Theories Of Counseling1051 Words   |  5 Pagesindividual. Cognitive-Behavior Theory Cognitive-behavioral theories are described as a set of related theories, which have evolved over time. There isn’t real definition of cognitive-behavioral theory. Both theories are tied together by similarities and techniques strategies. Cognitive Behavior theories maintain their role in which cognitions play in behavior and personalities. Cognitive-behavioral techniques target both cognitive and behavioral problems with the use of cognitive and behavioral strategiesRead MoreEssay about Contrast Effective Biblical Counseling Concepts1412 Words   |  6 Pagesworldly challenges, a Christian counselor also faces humanistic therapeutic false views of secular therapy. Christian counselors maintain a focal point in guiding people to living a life that is full of spiritual richness and maturity. Yet, secular therapist focuses on self-gratification and self-actualization. As Christian ministry helpers, you must be living by the truth and exemplify a Christ-centered life. Crab b (1977) developed a counseling model that teaches us how to develop individualizedRead MoreExamining Effectiveness Of Treatment Strategies Used With Survivors Of Rape1357 Words   |  6 PagesExamining Effectiveness of Treatment Strategies Used With Survivors of Rape Therapy for survivors of rape is often difficult to obtain. The lack of availability of counselors who specialize in specific trauma treatments, like prolonged exposure and cognitive-processing therapy, as well as lack of insurance and location, are hardships for treatment-seeking individuals. Therefore, it is important to pinpoint the most effective treatments for those who have suffered the trauma of rape. The purposeRead MoreCognitive Behavioral Therapy Treatment For Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Essay994 Words   |  4 PagesCognitive behavioral therapy treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders describes posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as an acute stress disorder (2013). Individuals that experience this disorder are exposed to or have had an experience of near death or bodily harm (American Psychiatric Association. 2013). Evidence based therapy that has shown positive outcomes in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) which is based on changing behaviorRead MoreIn this compare and contrast paper I will highlight the differences and commonalities1167 Words   |  5 Pagesand techniques of Rodgerian theory called Rodgers’ Client-Centered Therapy (RCCT), Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). All of these theories are a form of psychotherapy. Couselors today use techniques such as pharmacological intervention and cognitive and behavioral therapy. They are not wrong in using these techniques, but rather should seek the Lord and take a biblical approach in therapy. Part 1: Goal of Christian Counseling In part one – â€Å"ARead MoreThe Importance Of A Good Counselor Go Hand With Good Counseling Skills1139 Words   |  5 Pagesthe helper and the client, which by information sharing and exchange of ideas. The qualities of a good counselor go hand in hand with good counseling skills. Cognitive Behavior Therapy My most favored counseling therapy method would be Cognitive Behavior Therapy, also known as CBT. According to the National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist, â€Å"As a research-based treatment modality, CBT is an effective treatment for substance abuse, eating disorders, and specific mental health diagnoses

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Digital Asset And Payment System - 1597 Words

Introduction The music industry is historically very slow in adjusting to the technological innovations. The idea of the internet currency has been around for 7 years (Davis, 2011). Despite its ups and downs it managed to attract attention of leading economists and businessmen around the world and created new opportunities in the variety of industries. Recently, Bitcoin, the most popular digital asset and payment system, along with its public ledger Blockchain started being considered as a remedy for the music industry. The upcoming global discussion is inevitable as the idea of engaging both of these developments gets wildly spread by its early evangelists from the industry, both professionals and artists. One of the most active representatives of this movement is a CEO and Co-Founder of Pledge Music, Benji Rogers, whose article on possible utilisation of blockchain in a new music format became a popular piece among industry professionals and gave him an opportunity to present the idea at the renowned music and technology conferences. He claims that with a proper usage of the blockchain, online music platforms would be more efficient in providing royalties to the artists due to minimum viable data attached to each file, while artist would be able to track usage of their song and revenue from them in real time (Rogers, 2015). Imogen Heap, a singer and producer, tried a similar approach for the release of her single â€Å"Tiny Human† (Bartlett, 2015). The experimental releaseShow MoreRelatedThe Contribution Of The Creation Of Money Essay1665 Words   |  7 PagesMillennials are accustomed to a digital world and most likely will experience the transition from paper money to digita l money. The advancements in technology over the past several years has allowed consumers the opportunity to buy and sell goods over a computer network known as the Internet. The internet is a much more convenient way of shopping compared to fighting crowds of people at your local mall during the holidays. We must start to prepare ourselves for the digital age of currency, an age in whichRead MorePros And Cons Of Computer Hacking1324 Words   |  6 Pagesand businesses have always faced. Such new advances have been accompanied by a rise in cyber criminals who wish to invade an individual’s or business digital information. The following will examine computer hacking and hacking processes that pose risks and dangers to individuals and businesses. The company that I researched is Global Payments. The organization is an example of how a serious breach in internet security at a company can cause harm to not just one company, but also to millionsRead MoreDigital Currencies An d The Digital Currency Essay1243 Words   |  5 Pagesdemand. Digital currencies are internet-based form of currency. They represent both developments in payment systems and a new type of currency. Digital currencies, in hypothesis, serve as money, at present day they act as money to a small amount of individuals and institutions. It has been often questioned as whether the decentralised digital currency, such as Bitcoin and Litecoin, will emerge as the preferred method of payment for Internet Services or will remain a superficial payment method comparedRead MoreEssay On Bitcoins956 Words   |  4 Pagescryptocurrencies. You can still make a lot of money only if you choose the right digital currencies to invest in. If you don’t make your decisions wisely, you might end up losing your money. With the increasing adoption of digital currencies, which cryptocurrency looks very promising in 2018 and beyond? Discussed in the article are the top 6 most promising cryptocurrencies to buy in 2018 and beyond. The future of digital currencies looks bright as it can be seen by the increasing popularity and acceptanceRead MoreThe Security Measures Protect The Digital Infrastructure1476 Words   |  6 PagesIn an age where every sophisticated industry relies on computer systems and data centers for its operations, any kind of vulnerabilities in such system might provide an opportunity for exploitation to someone with an inappropriate intention. The constant threat of digital breach and exploitation gave birth to the field of Cyber Security, which is the field of technology dedicated to protecting computer devices and information systems from unintended or unauthorized access to the software, hardwareRead MoreImpact Of The Internet On The Competitive Landscape Of Corporate Banking1700 Words   |  7 Pagesservice focused offerings such as telephone hotlines, relationship managers, product consultants, and continuous investment in technology Citibank set a standard for customer service. With a spotlight on providing customers a paperless system of collection and payment processes Citibank was able to secure all business transactions from one customer, equaling a full relationship between bank and client. As cliental shifted their focus to e-business, Citibank had too as well. 3. What can CitibankRead MoreCemex: a Digital Firm in the Making907 Words   |  4 PagesCase Study 1 Cemex: A DIGITAL FIRM IN THE MAKING 1. How did digital technology transform the way Cemex ran its business? In previous years when Cemex began, the business’ operations ran without the use of digital technology, they used telephones as a communication medium between customers and employees. However, this proved to be futile because it was very time consuming and costly to Cemex. Phone lines were jammed as customers, truckers and dispatchers tried to get ordersRead MoreEssay On Blockchain1506 Words   |  7 Pagesworld rolled towards it. So what actually is Blockchain? In simple terms, Blockchain is a continuously growing list of records which are linked to each other. These records are called blocks and the fact that, it is in the form of a chain, this system came to be known as blockchain. It is to be noted though that all these blocks are linked and are secured using cryptography. Every block in a blockchain contains these 3 essential things: 1. Hash pointer as a link to the previous block 2. A timestampRead MoreBlock Chain Of The Public Service1259 Words   |  6 Pageslife and some of its benefits has been implemented for the public usage. The governments in several countries has acknowledged the potential of the block chain system. This could simplify the bureaucracy process and provide credibility. Some suggestions have been made of where this database could be enforced. First of all, the block chain system could affect how an ordinary person could deal with property titles. Governments will make it possible for citizens to electronically conduct transactions andRead MoreAnalysis Of Blockchain Technology987 Words   |  4 PagesBlockchain technology will be focusing on cryptocurrency business under the payments regulatory framework which will decentralize virtual currencies using the current regulatory approach. Any blockchain-based business that have monetary transmission license is subject to investment, anti-money laundering, customer protection regime, and cu stomer identification program (Ross, 2017). To mitigate systematic risk in the financial system a hybrid of ex ante and ex post regulation is applied with combination